What a Modern Stamford Can Offer

Stamford Connecticut is the seventh largest city in the whole of the New England area of the United States. Situated some thirty miles from Manhattan Stamford is also going through a revival, with many of its areas undergoing modernization and re-branding. While Stamford has an extremely colorful and long history it is also one of the most educated cities in the country, with almost forty-six percent of people having a degree or higher.

A little History

Originally known as Rippowam to its Native American locals, the initial settlers from Europe also referred to the city as the same, until July 1, 1640. On that day, the deed was signed and the name of town became Stamford, named after its English Lincolnshire counterpart. The deed itself was signed between Chief Ponus and Captain Turner from the New Haven Colony and the town began to prosper.

However, one the darker periods in the town’s history came during 1692 hysterics grew among the locals of witches and—despite being less prominent than the Salem MA witch trials—Stamford was also subject to its own trials.

During the late nineteenth century Stamford became a popular destination for New Yorkers with money to build second homes in the area. This brought further prosperity to the city, which by then had grown even more. Many of these temporary residents eventually set up their permanent homes in Stamford, preferring its more urban feel to the bustle of New York City. Owing to the proximity of Stamford to the New York area and Manhattan, the 1960’s and 1970’s saw a huge boom in the commercial real estate area with massive urban development’s popping up all over the place. This has also lead to a boom in Luxury Apartments In Stamford Ct making living there even more attractive to a whole new generation of incomers. Because the median income for Stamford – according to the 2007 survey – was seventy-two thousand dollars and for a family, eighty-eight thousand, Stamford is one of the richest areas of the New England states, with only around five percent of families living below the poverty line.

Stamford can also boast that it is the ninth safest state in the United States, in terms of low crime levels. That is, possibly one of the main reasons that middle and high income families and singles choose to locate there.