What A Consumer Should Expect When Taking A Vehicle In For Auto Body Repair In Jefferson City MO

An accident is not only scary but may cause a vehicle to sustain a significant amount of damage, leaving it undrivable. Being without a car is frustrating, but a shop that provides Auto Body Repair in Jefferson City MO has the tools and knowledge to repair nearly any type of damage and restore a car or truck to like new condition. The idea of coordinating vehicle repairs is often overwhelming, but the following is a quick look at what the process entails so a person will know what to expect.

Initial Estimate

Before a shop begins working on a vehicle, the technician must first determine the extent of the damage and ensure that any issues qualify for repair. If the frame of the car is bent or if the total amount of the repairs exceeds the current value of the vehicle it may be considered totalled. Once the estimate has been generated it will then be submitted to the driver’s insurance company, so the needed repairs are approved before starting the restoration process.

Repair Process

The repair process is usually quick, with most repairs being completed in as little as a few days. After the replacement parts are received by the body shop, they will then be installed on the vehicle. The final step involves painting and blending the new components so that they match the existing paint on the car, and are virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Final Inspection

Before the company performing Auto Body Repair in Jefferson City MO receives payment for the work they will thoroughly inspect the vehicle with the driver. It is essential to examine the quality of the paint job and make sure that any seams created during the installation of new parts are even. If any abnormalities are found, be sure to report them and allow the shop to fix them before taking possession of the vehicle.

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