West Sussex and its Influence on the Country

West Sussex as a piece of land is probably one of the oldest documented areas of the country, with human life evidence dating back to at least 4000 B.C., especially because of the Bronze Age flint mines. However, as a county West Sussex has only officially existed since 1974. Prior to that the Kingdom of Sussex was the original name of the whole of the Sussex area. When the county of Sussex was created it encompassed the entire region of what is now West and East Sussex—equivalent of all the land between Hampshire and Kent on the south coast.

Heading back to the days of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for 477 A.D. there is a mention of three ships arriving at Cymenshore with a person called Ælle and with his three sons killed the local settlers, but this is also regarded as somewhat of a local myth.

From the Kingdom of Sussex and Back

So, from the Kingdom of Sussex came ‘Wessex’ and then the Kingdom of Sussex was immersed into it. Wessex was an ‘Earldom’ and then Wessex became the county of Sussex. However, Sussex continued to get ripped apart and soon was split into pieces again-West Sussex and East Sussex. There are some very large and well-known towns and cities in West Sussex, one such town, Horsham was allegedly established around A.D. 947 and was called ‘Horse Ham’ because the town has always been recognized as a horse trading town. In the early days, before the town had plumbing there were water pumps in Horsham streets that people could draw fresh water from. During the 1970’s drought, those standpipes were temporarily reestablished because of the lack of water. However, contrary to that, Horsham also boasts the United Kingdom record for the falling of the heaviest Hail Stone, which fell on October 5th 1958 and weighed 4.9oz. It was roughly the size of a tennis ball and was said to have traveled at about 224 mph. Horsham is not part of the coastal range of towns in West Sussex. In fact it lies quite close to the West Sussex’s northern border with Surrey and is also not far from Gatwick Airport in East Sussex.

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