Well Lights Make Great Outdoor Lighting for Patio

Does your patio have enough light? Maybe there are some dark areas or shadows, and you’d like better illumination. You want the right kind of outdoor lighting for patio safety and convenience, but you don’t want too much light either. Well lights can be an excellent choice and here is more about these kinds of lights.

What are Well Lights?

A well light is recessed into the hardscape, and they are often seen in water features like pool areas. However, they don’t have to be used near water to be effective forms of lighting. In fact, you can use them for outdoor lighting for patio enhancement. Well lights shine upward and highlight the area they illuminate, and they provide several benefits.


If you are interested in family safety, well lights are a good choice. You don’t have any lighting fixtures or wiring in the way. You don’t need to be concerned about anyone running into a light and damaging the fixture or becoming injured. Your well lights are recessed into the ground and out of the way.


Do you have a special hardscape feature you’d like to highlight? Well lights work like spotlights, and you can use them to shine against your home exterior to give you special effect lighting at night.


You can choose from many different colors and styles. For example, some lights have grated covers, and some are open. Some covers are flat while others are dome-shaped.

Buying Outdoor Lighting for Patio Enhancement

When you want the best lighting products, consider a trusted source that specializes in outdoor lighting needs. You’ll find only high-quality products that can withstand the test of time. The top companies offer private lighting consultation and eDesign services for their customers. They have many years of experience in the lighting industry.

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