Welcoming Kids Church for all Ages in Hawaii

The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow. Parents feel that the best thing they can give their children is the opportunity to become a successful adult. Success doesn’t just mean earning money. It can mean having a family, treating others with kindness, and being generous. It can also mean having a strong spiritual foundation. It is harder to be a kid in this day in time than ever before, especially a Christian youth. There are many pressures and temptations from the outside world that try to convince you to go against your beliefs. Having a place to go and people who encourage you to be your best spiritual self possible is important, and it’s even more important if you have an impressionable child.

What is a Church for Children?

A kids church is different from an adult service. Most churches offer kids church. Children’s brains are not necessarily mature enough to soak-in and understand all of the information presented in an adult sermon the way that adults are able to. Kids church provides an opportunity for kids to learn about Jesus at an appropriate age level. There are typically different classes that are based on age. Each class uses a different approach when it comes to teaching about God and Christian values. There are also more hands-on activities to keep youth engaged in active learning.

Why is Children’s Ministry So Important?

With the pressures of the world today, you want your child to be surrounded by people their own age and adults who tell them that it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to stand firm by your beliefs and not give in just because someone wants you too. Visit wolhawaii.com for more information on all of services we offer to youth, ranging all the way from birth until high school. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.