Welch Allyn Products Preferred For Patient Monitoring and Management

The value backing Welch Allyn Products becomes evident upon the realization that a high percentage of physicians rely on the New York firm’s hardware when serving patients. Non-physician customers are more likely to have faith in a brand their practitioners trust for personal care at home. This is one of the many reasons why Welch Allyn maintains a considerable market share throughout medical consortiums around the United States.

Patient Monitoring Tools

Healthcare professionals spend much of their time running vital signs checks. The Surveyor™ Central System provides input and output assistance using continuous 12-lead monitoring combined with VERITAS interpretation. Two (S12 and S19) monitors working in tandem feature options for cardiac output, pulse oximetry, temperature, and respiratory strength. Other quality Welch Allyn products in this category are as follows:

• EarlySense Vitals Surveillance

• Surveyor™ S4 Mobile Monitor

• Spot Vital Signs LXi Device

• Connex Central Monitoring Station

The listed hardware assists clinical workflow, creating a much smoother experience within acute care. Welch Allyn supports Integration with the office EMR wherever possible.

The Physical Exam

Cross-contamination is an ever-present threat across the care setting; Welch Allyn has several solutions for that. Products such as disposable uniscopes, sigmoidoscopes, and vaginal speculas with attached sheaths protect both the patients and physicians from accidental exposure to dangerous infections, leading to further complications.

Welch Allyn means insights and solutions when patient care is at the forefront. High-accuracy, customization, service management, and product quality are even more reasons to choose a product provider.

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