Wedding Invitation Printing: Enjoy The Options

Printed invitations are not as common as they once used to be. They used to be de rigueur for any and all events. Today, printed invitations are often relegated to a few very special occasions. The three most common are:

1. Weddings
2. Anniversaries
3. Birthdays

For these occasions, invitation printing is a very popular option that can provide your guests with a memorable memento of the event. For a Chicago wedding in particular, a printed invitation says so much about the impending affair.

Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, a wedding invitation came in a white or ivory envelope. The contents also were very monochromatic. The 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card was ivory, cream or white card stock. Silver or gold may add a splash of brightness to the otherwise tasteful but subdued color scheme. Black or gold font has always been popular under the older roles of formal wedding invitation etiquette.

Today, this no longer is written in stone. Wedding invitations can rock with color. They can glitter with metallic sheen. They can come in any shape or size imaginable. They can explode with color or remain subtle and classic. It all is a reflection of not only the options available but also the nature of the bride and groom and the character of the wedding itself.

Basic Considerations for Invitation Printing and Design

When looking at invitation printing services, be sure you know exactly what you want before you order online or in shop. Be prepared to answer questions on the following:

 * Amount: Know exactly how many you need for the event then order a few envelopes more to take care of any mistakes made in addressing them
 * Shape: Do you want the traditional rectangular card and invitation. If not, be sure the printing company can handle this variation
 * Text: always be sure the text is legible. If the backgrounds are too strong and the text to pale, nobody will be able to make the words out
 * Space: Be conscious of how much space you have on the invitation. Do not try to say too much in a small space. Save any extra information for an addendum or an e-mail
 * Color: Choose the colors wisely. You can opt for traditional or create invitation cards and envelopes that match the theme of your Chicago wedding. You can use your favorite color scheme or opt for something that speaks to you as a couple

Specific aspects such as these, you need to have clear in your mind before you create the perfect invitation. Do not be afraid to talk to an expert in this field. Some printing services actually have invitation designers on staff or can recommend one. They can help you custom design the right invitation for your special day. You can then rely on your invitation printing services to deliver a wedding invitation that will impress and excite your guests.

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