Wearing A New Set Of Dentures In Bridgeport CT

When someone discovers they are a candidate for getting Dentures in Bridgeport CT, they will most likely be excited about the new smile they will display to others. With this excitement will also be some apprehension when getting used to them. Here are some tips that can be used to help make the transition easier.

Know What Foods To Avoid

When wearing dentures, it is important to refrain from eating some foods as they can cause damage to the porcelain teeth or sliding of the apparatus from the mouth altogether. Stick with soft foods when first wearing dentures to get used to biting and chewing. Hard and chewy foods should be avoided altogether.

Get The Right Supplies Necessary

Dentures will require deep cleaning each night after wearing them all day. A denture cleaning agent is placed inside a glass of water and the dentures are slipped inside the solution. It will also be necessary to have adhesive to keep the dentures in the mouth.

See A Dentist Regularly

A dentist should be seen at routine intervals to check on the condition of the dentures. They will look at the gums to determine if the dentures are indeed a good fit for the mouth. If there is soreness in the mouth, the dentures may not be the correct size, requiring the dentist to make adjustments in their composition as a result.

Show Off The Smile With Pride

After dentures are obtained, the wearer will be able to show off their new look to others right away. It is a good idea to ease into the use of the dentures by wearing them for a few hours each day, adding an hour or two as they feel more confident in caring for them and how they appear.

When there is a need to get Dentures in Bridgeport CT, finding the right dentist to get started in the process is necessary. Contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today to find out more about the services they have available for their patients. An appointment can then be made for an initial consultation and fitting when desired.