Ways Your Car Accident Claim Benefits from a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA

If you’ve been injured or have suffered extensive property damage at the hands of a reckless driver, you’re likely heavily considering filing charges via a car accident claim. You can do this yourself, by all means, but having an attorney helping you is generally considered to be the wiser course of action. You may not feel you can afford a decent lawyer, but just having any type of lawyer for this event is better than not having one at all. But even so, it’s good to have a quality lawyer. As such, if you want to know how your claim benefits from the aid of a motor vehicle accident attorney in Gonzales, LA, read on to find out.


One thing that needs to happen is that the other driver’s insurer needs to be notified that you are pressing charges. Now, the insurance company that you’ll be speaking to won’t exactly be willing to hand over a lot of money from their reserves just because one of their drivers messed up. Luckily, an experienced attorney knows exactly how to talk to these insurance companies, and will keep in good communication with them until the lawsuit has completed its filing and you have been properly compensated.


Not only is an attorney good at organizing and filling out all the required paperwork that you would otherwise have been stuck with, but they’re also skilled at completing other important organizational tasks that may have otherwise been out of your power to do yourself. For instance, an attorney can make sure all of your past medical records are neatly organized and filed, organize all necessary evidence to present to the judge to prove your innocence in the accident and the guilt of the other driver, and a lot of other things.


There are two major negotiations that an attorney is far more equipped to handle than an average person: those are the lien holders and the settlement negotiation. The lien will take money out of your compensation from the lawsuit unless your attorney can convince them to lower their lien. And the settlement is, well, the settling of the case and what happens to either party.

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