Ways to Put Crushed Limestone in Austin, TX to Good Use

Crushed Limestone in Austin TX, is much more versatile than many people realize. While recognized as an element in many types of concrete paving, the product can be used by itself in several applications. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Creating a Driveway

If the homeowner is not crazy about the idea of a concrete driveway and does not like the look of gravel, consider the idea of using crushed limestone in Austin, TX instead. Remember that the crushing does not have to reduce the limestone to a fine powder. The smaller pieces can easily be used to fill the driveway space. To make it even more decorative, consider using something like monkey grass as a low border for the driveway.

Filler Around Underground Pipes

When the task is to replace some of the pipes connecting the home plumbing system with the municipal system, it pays to make sure there is a filler around the pipe. Crushed limestone is a great choice for filler, and will also help to protect the pipes. By essentially acting as bedding for the pipes, the limestone provides support that helps to reduce the potential for breakage in the years to come.

Strengthening the Roof

Not everyone knows that limestone pulverized into a fine powder serves as an excellent roof coating. The material will help to add strength to asphalt shingles and make it easier to deal with extreme temperature changes. The material also adds another layer of protection in the event of a hailstorm. Thanks to the coating made using the powered limestone; the homeowner can look forward to fewer repairs in the years to come.

Adding Sod to the Lawn

Before bringing in the sod to create a lawn around a newly constructed home, it is not unusual for professionals to season the soil using limestone ground into a fine powder. The powder helps to provide the ideal pH balance for the soil. As a result, the sod will have a better chance of taking root and providing the lush green look the homeowner wants.

For anyone interested in learning more about limestone, visit LoftinMaterials.com and take a look at the applications. This solution may be ideal for an upcoming home improvement project.

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