Ways To Alleviate Tooth Pain Prior To An Appointment With An Emergency Dentist

Tooth pain that is caused from a cavity can make it difficult to eat food or rest. Some natural methods can be used to reduce discomfort until an individual can set up an appointment with an Emergency Dentist. A mouthwash can be created by adding a couple teaspoons of table salt to a glass of warm water. Once the salt has dissolved, a small amount of the mixture can be added to a person’s mouth and gargled in the same manner as mouthwash.

Salt will help reduce inflammation around the affected tooth and will temporarily relieve pain. Saltwater can safely be used whenever discomfort is experienced. Tooth putty is a product that is sold in retail stores and that will effectively lessen pain, as well. Putty can be molded between fingertips and applied to a tooth with a small tool that is enclosed in a dental kit. Once the putty is smoothed out over the affected tooth, it may take a couple hours for it to dry. During this time, food and beverages should be avoided.

Once the putty hardens, tooth pain will be gone and the affected tooth can be used in the same manner as healthy ones. Putty can be left in a person’s mouth overnight, allowing them to rest with ease. Although both of these methods will alleviate pain, it is still important to meet with a dentist as soon as possible. An Emergency Dentist sets up appointments quickly and can assist with tooth problems of all sizes. A specialized dentist will examine a patient’s teeth and discuss options that will resolve a dental problem.

A cavity that is filled or covered with a crown will prevent tooth decay from becoming an issue in the future. Information about dental procedures that are commonly performed are listed at  or the website of another reputable dentist. Appointments can be set up online if an individual finds that it will be convenient for them. A dentist is available to answer any questions about a particular procedure and will help fix dental problems so that each client will have a beautiful and healthy smile.

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