Ways Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH Can Benefit Employers

Every employer needs to have a dedicated location for their workers to go if they are ever injured on the job. Instead of sending employers who are not badly injured to the emergency room, referring them to the company’s urgent care center is a more suitable option. By using an urgent care instead of an emergency room, employees who have minor injuries, such as cuts and sprains can get treated quickly and if possible, get back to work.

Urgent care centers focus on providing non-emergency treatment to their patients. They are not primary care providers, but similar to emergency room doctors. They generally only see regular patients when they are unable to get an appointment with their regular doctor but not so sick or injured they need to go to the hospital. This is not the place to go for chest pain or severe bleeding. However, an urgent care center is appropriate for minor cuts and potential concussions.

When it comes to Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, urgent care centers see patients first after an accident or workplace illness. They can do the initial assessment, take care of drug and alcohol testing and begin a workers compensation claim. In many cases, the medical staff can take care of the injury quickly so the employee can get back to work either the same day or the following day. When the employee in seriously hurt, Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH may refer them to a different medical provider and advise the company of about how long they will need to be away from work.

Occupational health centers are valuable to employers whether most of their employees work in a factory or an office. These facilities can help with pre-employment screenings as well. Companies that want to ensure their new hires are drug free can Visit the website to learn how to contract with an urgent care center’s occupational health department to screen applicants after they’ve been given a conditional offer of employment. Having one of these centers on hand makes it easier to manage workers compensation claims as well as hire the most qualified individuals for the job.

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