Ways Early Maintenance by a Company who Handles Heating Repairs in San Antonio Can Prevent Heater Breakdowns

One of the worst things a homeowner may have to face is having their heating system break down during the cold months of winter. When this happens, very often getting a fast heater repair can be not only difficult but costly as well. To help in preventing this from happening it can be a good idea to make sure the unit is in good working order prior to the start of winter. This can be done by hiring a company who handles Heating repair in San Antonio to come out and inspect the unit before it is put in use.


A technician who comes to inspect a heating system will spend some time checking the various components the system needs to operate properly. Often such an inspection will begin at the thermostat. Because the thermostat is used to decide when the unit comes on and goes off, a technician will want to ensure it is doing its job correctly. Many times he or she will test to see if it switches on or off as it should. They also will check the temperature reading on the thermostat to verify it matches the reading they obtain using a digital infrared thermostat tool. If the temperatures do not match, the thermostat will need to be calibrated to the thermostat tool’s reading.

The burners will need to be inspected as well. Turning on the heat to the unit should cause the burner to light up. Flames should be steady and blue. If they are not, this can be a sign of combustion issues in the unit. These issues are often the result of a dirty burner and the repair person will need to disassemble the burner and clean the parts inside. This will ensure the unit stays working properly through the winter.

Most units share a blower unit with the air cooling system in the home. This unit can become very dirty and a professional from a company who handles Heating repair in San Antonio will need to spend time cleaning this section of the system out. By using a high-powered vacuum, most of the dirt can be removed from inside and outside of the unit. Vents and grilles will be cleaned with a stiff brush. The air filter on the unit will also need to be checked and replaced as well. The motor will be oiled and the fan belt replaced if necessary.

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