Ways a System for Heating and Air Conditioning in Franklin, TN Can Help Improve Air Quality in a Home

One of the most important systems used to keep a home comfortable for the residents is the Heating and Air Conditioning in Franklin, TN. While this system is predominantly thought of in terms of keeping the home warm in winter and cool in summer, it can also help in improving the quality of air in the home as well.

Most systems have an air filter attached to the blower on the system. This is used to trap dirt and other types of debris, before it moves through the blower and is sent into the ductwork in the home. This is designed primarily to help in keeping the inner workings of the unit in good working order. However, it can be used to help in preventing other types of matter from entering the home as well.

Many new systems for Heating and Air Conditioning in Franklin, TN are equipped to accommodate air filters designed to help in stopping smaller airborne particles from entering the home. This can be of great benefit for people who have allergies, asthma or other medical conditions, which makes breathing difficult.

Some air filters are designed to be high efficiency particle arresting air filters or HEPA. This type of filter is made from a special pleated material. This allows the air filter to trap more particles than other types of air filters are designed to do. Because of the pleats, the air filter has more areas where these particles can be trapped. In addition, the material is a much tighter weave than standard filters and this prevents a lot of matter from making its way through the system.

In addition to these types of filters, some air filters are also treated with chemicals or other types of products designed to help in killing bacteria and germs. This can help in keeping the air healthier for the occupants of the home. This can be a great advantage for anyone who is ill or has medical issues, which makes them susceptible to illnesses of any sort.

Before deciding to use these specialty filters in a home’s heating and air conditioning system, it is a good idea to contact a professional, like Chiles Heating & Cooling to ensure the unit can accommodate the extra bulk of these types of filters.

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