Wayfinding Signs in Illinois Keep Chicagoland Moving

We use wayfinding signs every day. We may not think about them or even realize they are there, but without them, we really would be lost.

Why Do I Need Wayfinding Signs?

If you have ever walked into a hospital, you want to know where to go for lab work, to your doctor’s office or to visit a friend who was admitted. In order to get where you want to go, you look for a sign to direct you. Wayfinding signs in Illinois area can help you find your way, as well as inform others, including your clients, where they can find what they need.

Big or Small, Illuminated or Not

Wayfinding signs, also known as directional signs, can be any size. One of the most recognized one is for the restroom. The blue and white iconic signs are ADA compliant and are found in all office buildings, hospitals and other public locations. When going to and from the airport, you see large signs, typically illuminated at night, telling you which airline is located at each exit. These signs are placed in the proper locations to help direct traffic. They are also used at parking garages and on hospital grounds. If you’ve ever parked a car at the airport or a hospital, you need a wayfinding sign to remind you where you parked your car and show you where the elevators are. They are made of strong materials and clearly designed for easy readability, especially when they are located outside where they are exposed to the elements of weather.

Wayfinding signs in Illinois help keep Chicagoland moving. This is why it’s important to recognize their value and determine if they’re the right choice for your business.

To learn more about wayfinding signs in Illinois and how they can help you, contact Quantum Sign Corporation.