Warning Signs Your Cat Needs to Be Seen at the Veterinary Hospital in Millersville

Taking care of a cat is not always easy. These animals are able to hide their illnesses and pain quite well, making it difficult to know when they need medical treatment. Thankfully, there are some signs that can alert a cat owner their cat needs to be seen at the Veterinary hospital in Millersville. Ignoring these warning signs could put a cat’s health in serious danger.

Signs a Cat Needs Immediate Medical Attention

There are some warning signs cat owners can pay attention to when their cat needs to be seen at the Veterinary Hospital in Millersville. When these signs are noticed, a cat needs to receive immediate medical care so their health is protected. The following are some of the most common signs cats will begin to exhibit when they are ill.

  • Changes in the normal behavior of a cat should prompt an owner to pay attention. When cats are in pain, they will sometimes become more lethargic or may even hide. If a normally friendly and loving cat becomes distant, it may be time to seek a vet.
  • Cats may change their eating and drinking patterns when they are ill. If a cat suddenly stops eating and drinking or becomes overly hungry and thirsty for more than twenty-four hours, it would be wise to take to them to the vet to be checked for serious illness.
  • Changes in bowel or urinary habits are also important. Diarrhea that occurs for more than one to two days needs to be checked by the vet because the cat could become seriously dehydrated.
  • If a cat seems to be panting or has difficulty breathing, this is a sign of serious problems that should not be ignored. It is imperative owners take their cat immediately to the vet so they can be properly diagnosed and treated.

Schedule an Appointment

If your cat is showing signs of distress or illness, now is the time to schedule an appointment with the vet. Call Gambrills Veterinary right away to schedule your cat’s appointment. They provide the expert medical care pets need to stay healthy, happy, and strong.

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