Warning Signs That a Home Needs Roof Repair in Canton, MI

No residential roof will last forever, but providing adequate maintenance and calling in a contractor for necessary repairs as soon as they are needed can certainly help any roof last a little bit longer. It’s best not to wait until daylight is showing through the roof or water is leaking in and causing interior damage. Instead, look for the following warning signs that a home needs roof repair in Canton, MI and call immediately.

Visible Exterior Damage

One of the best ways to spot early warning signs is to get up on the roof and perform a visual inspection, but not all homeowners have the time and physical capabilities necessary to do this themselves. Many opt for scheduling routine inspections with a professional instead should there be any doubt as to the integrity of their homes’ shingles or roof decks. There are, however, a few ways to gauge the overall health of the roof from the ground that almost all homeowners are capable of handling themselves.

Clogged Gutters

Homeowners who notice granules, sludge, or even pieces of shingles in their rain gutters during routine cleanings should take heed of this warning. If these materials are ending up in the gutters, it means they aren’t up on the shingles themselves providing the roof with adequate protection. As the shingles begin to lose granules, they become less able to protect the home from damage, so it’s important to have them replaced as they begin to fail.

Algae Growth

To spot algae growth, just head out to the lawn and take a look up at the roof. If there are dark spots, streaks, or signs of discoloration, it’s likely that the roof is holding moisture. Don’t hesitate to call in a contractor, as allowing this problem to persist may lead to the need for an entirely new roof.

Interior Inspections

There are a few signs of the need for imminent roof repair in Canton, MI that can be evaluated from a home’s attic or crawl space. These include visible sagging, water stains, mold and mildew growth, and exterior light that is visible from inside. Homeowners who notice any of these warning signs can visit us website to get in touch with a roofing contractor who can help today.