Walk-in Freezers Need Insulated Doors, Install The Best In California

Properly insulated doors are one of the most important components of walk-in freezers. These doors must be built so that it performs well during operation, is efficient, and meets the specific needs of the freezer installation. Doors designed and built in California consider all these important points, as well as:

   * Ensuring the seal is airtight
   * Ensuring the door closes properly every time, and
   * Does not sag after repeated operations

Insulated doors are available in different designs; each manufactured to satisfy different installation parameters. Common door designs include swing, vertical lift, sliding, and bi-parting.

Standard Swing Doors  – Standard hinged doors for freezer use are available in tow variants; flush fit and overlapping. The maximum width is five feet, which is wide enough for standard pallet jacks to enter and exit. These doors are used inside or outside and are used on freezers as well as industrial walk-in refrigerators.

Vertical Lift Doors  – This style of door is often the best choice when there is multiple doors side by side such as in a loading bay.

Sliding Doors  – A swing door requires the same amount of space in front of the door as the door is wide. A five-foot-wide door cannot open completely unless there are five feet of open space in front of it. This problem is eliminated with a horizontal sliding door, not only does it take up little space, these doors are ideal for wide openings.

Bi-Parting Doors – The operation is the same as a typical sliding door, except there are two doors, one sliding in one direction, the other sliding in the other direction. This style door can span a large opening but, because they are half the width, they operate quickly. These doors are ideal when forklift trucks are employed for moving material.

Walk-in freezer insulated doors are ideal for both new installations in California and replacement purposes in existing facilities.

Insulated doors for walk-in freezers are an extremely important feature. Contact TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction in California at http://www.tkswalk-in.com/ for detailed information.

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