Visit This San Mateo VW Dealership to Learn About Its Warranty Program

If you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle from a Volkswagen car dealership in San Mateo, CA, you’ll have to think about more than its sticker price. Over the years you own a vehicle, the cost of repairs and maintenance will add up quickly. By working with this local dealership, you can take advantage of their lifetime warranty program. Read on to find out how this program offers the affordability and assurance you need to drive with confidence.

The Lifetime Warranty’s Benefits

Oftentimes warranties just offer coverage for several years or a few thousand miles, but the dealership’s lifetime warranty will cover your Volkswagen as long as you own it. With its years in service of the San Mateo community, the dealership has inspired loyalty and dedication because of its commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Speak with the dealership’s sales team about eligible vehicles or call today for more details.

What it Covers

The lifetime warranty covers every internal lubricated part of your Volkswagen’s engine, transfer case, transmission, drive axles, and much more. We charge affordable deductibles for covered repairs, ensuring that you don’t pay too much for the parts and services you need. If your Volkswagen needs repairs that will take two hours or more, they’ll pay for your rental car or reimburse you. The plan also covers mechanical breakdowns and will pay up to $50 to bring your vehicle to their Volkswagen car dealership in San Mateo, CA.

Is This Lifetime VW Warranty Appropriate for You?

If you have any concerns or questions about this Volkswagen lifetime warranty, the dealership’s sales and service specialists are here to help. Visit them online at or call to schedule a test drive.

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