Visit an Optometrist in Andover, KS for Laser Eye Surgery

When they don’t want to wear corrective lenses, but they have vision problems, a lot of people opt to have laser eye surgery. There are actually four different types of procedures that people can undergo in order to have better vision. These procedures reshape the corneas of patients, allowing them to have perfect vision. The four procedures are LASIK, PRK, LASEK, AND epiLASIK. Each procedure varies in how it is done, the instruments used, and recovery time. Some patients are better candidates for one type of procedure over another. All of these procedures use the same type of laser, which is known as an excimer laser.

When visiting an optometrist Andover KS to learn about laser eye surgery, patients will get recommendations about which type of surgery is going to give them the best vision, which is usually 20/20 or even better. LASIK surgery is the most commonly-performed type of laser eye surgery. The optometrist in Andover, KS uses a laser or a blade to make a small flap in the cornea. This is generally the most preferred type of laser eye surgery, since it has the fewest amount of complications. Surgery done with nothing but laser instead of the laser and blade method is more costly.

PRK or photorefractive keratectomy is the second most common type of laser surgery for eyesight. A part of the cornea is removed instead of a flap being cut by the optometrist in Andover, KS. The cornea is then reshaped with the laser. This type of surgery is better for patients who have thin corneas, but there is a longer recovery time.

LASEK, or laser epithelial keratomileusis is similar to the above surgeries, but there is alcohol applied to the cornea before surgery to loosen the corneal cells. This lets the optometrist in Andover, KS move the cells without having to remove them before the laser surgery.

The last type of laser eye surgery is epi-LASIK, or epithelial laser in situ keratomileusis. A thin flap of epithelial tissue is made, and it is moved so the surgeon can reshape the cornea. The flap is replaced, and a contact-lens is placed in the eye while it is healing.



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