Visit a Boating Accident Law Attorney in Bowie, MD

Negligence is key in boating accident claims. No one has an automatic right to recover damages. To do so, the injured party must prove the boat owner was negligent. The most common negligent acts include hitting another boat. Likewise, it is negligent to hit another boat’s wake or your wake. Furthermore, boats must steer clear of waves and underwater dangers like big rocks. Unfortunately, alcohol plays a major role in boating accidents. That is why it is a crime to operate a boat while under the influence.

Victims of accidents should see a boating accident law attorney in Bowie, MD in order to understand the liability issues in boating accidents. If two boats collide, both operators may be at fault. Interestingly, passengers on both boats may have valid claims. An injured operator only has a claim if they were less than fifty percent negligent. Further, there are rules for boating. Motorboats are supposed to stay away from sailboats. Therefore, the motorboat operator would be negligent in a collision with a sailboat. It is very dangerous to hit a wake or wave. The water is more turbulent, and passengers can easily get injured. Accidents occur because people fall and can go overboard.

The driver of the boat that causes a wake can be at fault. Indeed, boats have to travel fast to create a large wake. This is illegal in many areas including marinas. However, if an operator hits a wake in an isolated area, they are at fault. Additionally, the operator must warn passengers before hitting a wake or wave. Operators who fail to have safety equipment are negligent. Many fatalities occur because there are no life jackets. Likewise, the operator needs charts and a GPS. These things alert them to underwater dangers. Many of these objects cannot be seen at night, and instruments are important.

A boating accident law attorney in Bowie, MD will attempt to recover damages. Possible damages include payment for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. Damages may not be recoverable unless the operator has boating insurance. Homeowner’s insurance may not pay for boating accidents. However, the boating policy may be attached to the homeowner’s insurance. For more information, call Valente Law Group.

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