Violin Repair-The Real Value

It is simply amazing what a trained luthier can do with a damaged violin. A highly skilled luthier can transform a hopeless looking violin into a finely tuned cherished instrument. Serious musicians already know the value of violin repair, they know that repairing is often the better choice between whether to repair or replace. Of course, there is savings when you choose violin repair, but there are other benefits as well, subtle benefits that can help any musician. There are three reasons that motivate people to have their violins repaired:

  1. Cost savings
  2. Connection to the instrument
  3. Family value

Cost Effective Repairs

Saving money is important in any case. Having your violin professionally repaired will help you to save quite a bit over the cost of purchasing a new one. For many people the savings is a great motivator when choosing repair over a replacement. For others the motivation is a bit different. Many musicians choose to have their instruments repaired for the love of the instrument.

Beloved Instrument

Even violins that are mass-produced have different tones and feel different when you play them. Many musicians, both professionals and students alike, bond with their violin. The violin is a fickle instrument. Finding the one that you can control perfectly and making it speak just for you, is a treasure that most musicians do not want to part with. When you choose repair, you are choosing to give your beloved instrument new life.

Sentimental Value

An instrument that has been handed down through the generations not only has a musical value but it also has a sentimental value as well. An expert luthier can make the repairs and restore your family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come. Ronald Sachs Violins can help get your instrument into great shape again!