Veterinarian in Bloomfield CT – When to Take Your Pet to the Vet

Most people consider their pets family as opposed to just an animal. Dogs and cats become attached to their masters and develop a connection very fast. Just like you, your children, and/or your other loved ones, your pets require health care of various types and levels. The following instances are when you should take your pet to your Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT.

Wellness exams and vaccinations – Just like humans, pets should be seen by a veterinarian at least once a year for a wellness exam. This kind of visit helps in the prevention of illness and disease and aid in the early detection of health conditions so they can be properly treated. Vaccinations are necessary to prevent diseases like rabies, kennel cough, heart worms, and distemper.

Medical treatments – Pets can suffer with illnesses like skin allergies, urinary tract issues, ear infections, ear mites, and digestive problems. If your pet becomes ill, you should take them to the vet right away for immediate treatment. Other medical conditions that need to be regularly addressed include hip dysplasia, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, and chronic eye and/or ear infections.

Emergency treatments – If your pet gets injured, seek emergency veterinary care. Most vets have an ER designed to handle emergency care treatments for broken bones, lacerations, and other pet emergencies. When you are not sure what to do, the safest way to handle a sick pet is to go to the vet.

Dental care – Your pet’s dental health is as important as yours. Veterinarians offer dental care for your pets like teeth cleaning and oral exams to make sure your pet has a healthy mouth. Your pet’s overall health is affected by their dental health. They are also vulnerable to poor health if their dental health is left unchecked.

Veterinarians can perform surgery, provide treatments for parasite control, insert a microchip, prescribe medications, offer nutritional support, and use advanced technology to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions and diseases. The goal of the veterinary medicine is to provide quality care for your pet and to do what is best for them according to the situation. The Windsor Animal Clinic is a quality veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT dedicated to providing quality care for pets. Click here to know more.


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