Veteran Funeral Services in Davis, CA

Anyone who has served in the United States Armed Forces is entitled to certain privileges when it comes to their funeral arrangements. For instance, every veteran is entitled to be buried in a national cemetery, with a grave marker and a flag. Families of the deceased are not charged anything for opening and closing the grave, nor are they charged for a vault or a liner. In some cases, the family is responsible for many other funeral expenses, depending on the type of services the wish to have, and the types of arrangements they make, including flowers.

When planning funeral or Veteran services in Davis, CA , the costs depend on when the person passed away. For instance, if they were on active duty at the time of their death, all of their funeral expenses are covered by the military. In addition, the next of kin will receive a death gratuity in the amount of $12,000. If the death was caused by a service-related injury, the next of kin will receive a burial allowance of $2,000. If the veteran was in a VA facility at the time of their death, transportation of the body is paid for by the military. If the death occurred while the veteran was collecting a VA or disability pension, or if the cause of death was not related to the service, the military gives the next of kin $300 for burial costs. There is no financial compensation for the family if the death occurs while the veteran is not living in a VA facility, or is not receiving a military pension.

One thing to keep in mind is that no one can reserve a plot in a national cemetery. All arrangements must take place at the time of death. This is something that can be arranged at the same time as the Veteran funeral services in Davis, CA . This means that even though spouses are allowed to be buried next to veterans, there is no guarantee that there will be space for them. There are other options for funerals for veterans. These include burial at sea and scattering cremated remains. The US Navy and the US Coast Guard both provide these services.

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