Vet Your Vet: Carefully Choosing a Vet Clinic in Richmond

Veterinary services can range from basic preventative care to major surgeries and just as with any member of the family, you want to be sure that your pet is getting the best possible care.

Whether you have recently welcomed a new member into the family or are actively searching for the best vet clinic around, making the right choice can be a little challenging. There are some things to keep in mind.

You Want a Long-Term Location

If your dog or cat hates visiting the vet, alternating clinics can heighten his or her stress levels. There are several reasons that may force you to switch vets and one of them is a lack of services.

To avoid switching clinics due to needing a service that they don’t provide, seek a vet clinic in Richmond that strives to meet all of your veterinary needs.

• Pet grooming
• Vaccinations
• Spaying and neutering
• Heartworm and flea care
• Comprehensive surgical care
• Dental work
• Cancer and skin treatments

Other services may include pet boarding for pets who need a safe place to stay while their owners are out of town as well as other diagnostic or therapeutic services.

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Establishing a Relationship

In addition to veterinary services, pay attention to the attitudes and behaviors of the professionals at your vet clinic.

Not only will sticking with a single location allow your pet to feel more comfortable with future visits but being in the hands of a friendly, compassionate professional will as well.

Location to Your Home

The closer the clinic, the less travel time in the event of an emergency. For long-term veterinary care, however, the closest option is not always the best option. It’s important to weigh all aspects when choosing your clinic.

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