Veneers and Crowns Improve Smiles When Applied by a Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer OR

In dentistry, veneers are thin layers made of porcelain that improve the appearance of teeth. The veneers are adhered to the front of teeth by a cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR, thus changing the look of discolored, chipped or otherwise imperfect teeth.

When Whitening Isn’t an Option

Whitening by a cosmetic dentist in Keizer OR lightens most problems with enamel, as it removes stains on the surface and a bit underneath as well. Some discoloration is permanent, however. For instance, when children have to take tetracycline antibiotics while their permanent teeth are still forming, that can cause permanent color changes in the enamel. Veneers can cover that type of discoloration.

Chips and Gaps

The devices also are useful for making a tooth look whole when it has been chipped at a corner. If the two front upper teeth have a small gap between them that the person doesn’t like, this can be resolved by having veneers applied to these teeth. The devices will be just a bit wider so they cover the space. Depending on the patient, however, the dentist may recommend using invisible braces to close that gap instead.


The application of most veneers requires the dentist to file away some of the enamel. Otherwise, even though the material is thin, the veneers would stick out noticeably from the adjacent teeth. An exception is a product called Lumineers, which are so thin that removal of some enamel usually is not necessary.

Crowns vs. Veneers

Before veneers were developed, dentists typically used crowns to cover teeth at or near the front of the mouth for cosmetic purposes. The main problem with crowns is the need to grind away a significant part of the structure so this device can fit over the entire remaining part of the tooth. Crowns still are more useful in many cases, and dentists can advise the patient as to why this is the best option.

Sometimes veneers are not even an option because they would not resolve the cosmetic problem. Crowns are usually placed when the cosmetic issue is more severe. Contact Riverfront Dental LLC to find out more about these two strategies for improving the smile.