Vareities of Available Cargo Containers in Seattle Wa

Ocean Cargo Containers in Seattle Wa are available for purchase in a variety of types and sizes. Sizes begin at eight feet wide by nine and a half feet tall by ten feet long and continue up to forty-five feet in length. One can be found to suit any shipping need from smaller loads, large machinery, and mass quantities of goods or merchandise. Containers can be purchased new, or business owners can select among used containers that have been refurbished. That makes high-quality containers available to small businesses, businesses that do not ship products often, and those with budgetary constraints.

Flat-racks containers are perfect for heavy loads that have to be loaded, or are more easily loaded, from the side of containers rather than from the back. These are available with walls, no walls, or collapsible walls. The floors on these containers are wood, and a variety of colors are available. Refrigerated containers have a controlled temperature range of minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. They are capable of keeping items at a specific temperature for the entire journey and are used for frozen foods, perishable foods and goods, dry goods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. The floors of these containers are aircraft-quality aluminum, and the available lengths are twenty-four feet and forty feet. These containers are also available for lease or rent. Containers insulated with high-density polyurethane spray foam are also available for purchase, lease, or rent.

Modified containers are customized with a variety of features to fit specific needs. Lights, electrical outlets, and partitions of any configuration are available. Shelving, compartments, and anchored storage units within the container, for example, can be fabricated to protect different cargos. Windows can be added, and doors can be modified to slide, roll up, swing, or have walk-through doors placed at either end. Customization for Cargo Containers in Seattle Wa is completed by experienced technicians in a well-equipped fabrication shop. All containers have locking systems for security, with optional heavy-duty designs available for high-security needs. Chassis for containers are also available. Free quotes are offered. Containers are designed for ocean travel but have been used as permanent storage units, sheds, and hobby or work spaces.

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