Using The Best Plumbing Company in Omaha, NE To Unclog A Drain

When a homeowner discovers their kitchen sink is not draining properly, they will want to take the needed steps in eliminating water from the basin effectively. Calling the best plumbing company in Omaha, NE will ensure any obstruction within the piping system is removed promptly. Here are some ways a plumber will try to drain a sink basin.

The Drain Will Be Plunged

The sink may be repaired with a simple plunging. The homeowner can try using a toilet plunger to dislodge the blockage so the water will once again drain. The pumping action used when plunging will help remove an obstruction, possibly breaking up the matter so it can be whisked away with water when it rushes down the pipe.

A Plumber’s Snake Will Be Tried

Using a plumber’s snake or auger may be necessary to remove material from a clogged pipe. This will push the obstruction from its location, allowing water to drain. In some instances, the matter will be lifted from the piping when the snake is wound back onto the reel. If a homeowner does not have a tool with enough length to get through the piping system effectively, a plumber can be called to do the job.

The Pipe Will Be Taken Apart

Removing a portion of the drain pipe under a kitchen sink may be helpful. If an obstruction is caught in the trap, the removal of this piece of piping will allow the homeowner to remove the blockage. The P-Trap pipe can be removed with a wrench and cleaned before replacing it. It is important to remember to place a bucket under this bent pipe before its removal, as the water in the basin will need to be collected for disposal.

The Roof Vent Will Be Checked

In the rooftop above the area where the kitchen sink is located, is a vent. This aids in effectively moving water through the piping system. If this vent becomes clogged with debris or if a bird or mouse makes a nest inside, water may have difficulty being pushed to the exterior of the home. Removing an obstruction may fix a sink drainage problem.

If these steps do not work, a homeowner will want to hire the best plumbing company in Omaha, NE to help with a sink draining problem. Contact Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha, NE to schedule an appointment.

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