Using Solar Filters to Protect Your Vision

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Eclipses

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The ultraviolet light emitted by the sun can potentially damage your vision. This damage is often magnified during an eclipse. In order to protect your eyes while witnessing such a spectacular event, solar filters have been specially developed. These are used by planetariums and other scientific learning centers around the country.

Making a Solar Filter

The filters are made by inserting a specific lens into a plastic, or paper frame. The frames can be individually designed, and reproduced in bulk for larger groups and events. Each filter is designed to block out ultraviolet light in its entirety, without disrupting your line of sight, leaving you with a clear view of an eclipse. It also blocks out intense light, and dangerous infrared rays, protecting your vision across the spectrum.

Uses for Solar Filters

The lenses used in solar filters are made from scratch-proof polymers, making them durable enough to be reused. Science centers, and planetariums, often recycle their filters for repeated use during multiple events. One batch of durable filters can be used them for different programs. This saves money, and reduces the amount of waste produced.

A Unique Tool

Solar filters have a variety of unique applications and valuable uses. The composition of these filters can be altered to fit different purposes, while still providing high-quality filtering, and ultraviolet protection. With an easily customized frame, and many designs to choose from, you can create a special product, in large quantities, without compromising your event’s budget.