Using Reflexology to Make a Foot Massage Amazing

When looking for the best foot massages in SF, a spa where reflexology is practiced not only makes your feet feel good, it also relaxes your whole body as well. Reflexology is where pressure is placed on certain points of your feet that are said to communicate with other parts of your body. Some people believe that by applying pressure you can promote healing and cure certain diseases.

Benefits of Foot Reflexology

If you stop and consider the amount of strain and stress placed on your feet every single day then yes they do deserve pampering. Feet can do any and everything – jumping, standing and running! Most reflexologists think good health begins in your feet. Sitting and receiving a foot massage is some of the ultimate in pampering and having one is even beneficial to your health. Some believe that massages can boost your energy level and alleviate anxiety and stress. It can increase nerve stimulation in your feet and help diminish pain levels caused by certain chronic diseases and illnesses. Foot massages can be extremely helpful for pregnant woman and can lessen pressure on the hips and legs. Going and getting a good foot massage can be great for your emotional and mental health.

The Relationship between Foot Massage, Diabetes and Reflexology

People with diabetes have a tendency to develop foot problems. The disease tends to decrease the flow of blood which can cause issues such as numbness and foot ulcers. Reflexology has been found to help improve circulation and can even lower the chances of them developing damage to the nerves in their feet. Blood sugar levels may even lower due to how relaxed a client can become during a foot massage. If you are interested in reflexology foot massages, uTOEpia in San Francisco takes pride in providing some of the best foot massages in the city.

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