Using Packing Services In Austin When Moving Heavy Equipment

When a warehouse is going to be relocated, the need to move pieces of heavy equipment or machinery may be necessary. Making sure these expensive tools are protected from damage will be a priority. Here are some steps warehouse workers can use to ensure fragile equipment is ready for a move to a new location.

Take Photos And Remove Liquids

It is important to take photographs of each piece of equipment being moved. This will be helpful in proving a piece arrives at the new location as it did when it left the old one. If there is damage to the piece, an insurance claim will require proof in the from of photographic evidence. After photographs are taken, it is best to remove any liquids from machinery before packaging occurs. This will not only save money in shipping or moving expenses due to a decreased weight, but will also help in avoiding damage to other belongings since a spill would not occur.

Remove Any Loose Pieces

If a piece of machinery has protrusions or loose pieces present, it is best to cover or remove them. Protruding pieces can be covered with pieces of bubble wrap or foam to keep them from becoming damaged while in transit. If pieces are removable, they can be packaged in a separate container and labeled, so they are easy to find when they arrive at the new warehouse.

Use The Right Enclosure

Contacting a business that provides packing services in Austin is the best way to have machinery protected properly when it is to be moved. A crate can be constructed for each piece of equipment being transported, ensuring damage is less likely to occur since the items are cushioned and enclosed.

When there is a desire to find a service that deals with packing services in Austin, consider taking a look at Crate Master. They provide custom made crates for items that need extra protection when being moved. Simply give them a call or stop by their facility today to find out more about pricing or the processes taken to keep personal belongings protected from harm.