Using Masonry Sand as Landscaping Material

Those who start looking for sand for any purpose will find there are many kinds. It can be used in a variety of applications, from sandboxes to construction projects. Sand is one of the most important landscaping materials in Port Orchard. Although its uses can vary, it’s important to know more about it and when to use it.

Masonry Sand and Its Strength

By comparing masonry sand to concrete sand, it’s easier to understand its composition. Concrete sand is made from gneiss, limestone, granite or trap stone and is made directly at the quarry. As its name implies, it is used for making concrete. Its common uses include home construction projects like building patios or pool decks. Masonry sand is a step up. It is made of finer grains, which makes it more attractive, so it is often one of the most common landscaping materials in Port Orchard.

When and Where to Use Masonry Sand

Masonry sand is frequently used in creating concrete, but usually in projects that are decorative or pleasant to look at. It is processed by washing and sifting the grains. This creates grains uniform in size. Even the novice will notice the difference because it is more attractive than other types. Its appearance makes it an excellent choice for patio stones or projects where aesthetics are important. However, since it is versatile and easy to use, many builders prefer it over other options.

Beyond Construction Sites

Playground projects are another area where masonry sand is a good choice for landscaping materials in Port Orchard. it is not as decorative as white options, but its lifespan, versatility and affordability makes it a popular choice. Think of it as the middle ground between concrete and white varieties. It’s finer than concrete sand but cheaper than beach sand. This makes it more versatile and suitable for many types of landscaping projects.

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