Using food coloring to enhance your baked goods

If you have a bakery or you are a new baker just getting started, you will want to get all of your supplies. The right baking supplies will affect the outcome of your baked goods and this will also affect your sales. When you need to explore your choices, you can start by browsing your local supplier of baking equipment. They will have an assortment of things like food coloring, chocolate molds, silicone baking mats, round cake pans, and much more. These things will help you create just the right cakes and cookies.

Types of food coloring

There are so many different types of food coloring that you can select from as you try to decorate your baked goods. By exploring all of the various types, you can select the food coloring that is best suited to your tastes and preferences.

Food coloring marker – The food coloring marker is used to decorate cookies and other types of baked goods. The color that comes out is actually edible food grade color and can be used directly on top of your baked items. If you are looking for a fun way to decorate baked goods that you and your family will love, this is a perfect solution.

Powdered food coloring – Powdered food coloring is also used for coloring chocolate since water base colors break down the chocolate. It will not affect the texture or flavor of the chocolate. Other uses are coloring fondant, gum paste and cookie dough.

Food coloring gel – Many people find food coloring gel to be very simple to use because it isn’t as messy as other types of food coloring. In addition, it is in a gel form so its consistency is very easy to work with. For beginners just getting started with using food coloring, this gel may be just what you have in mind.

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