Using Divorce Attorneys in Auburn, Indiana May Improve Your Chances of a Better Outcome

One of the nastiest words to hear in the life of a married couple is the word “divorce,” because that means whatever the couple has tried to do to stay together didn’t work. Yet, divorces are rampant in the United States, as well as other countries, and there are legal professionals who can at least help the separating couples get what is fair from the split. Divorce attorneys in Auburn, Indiana help clients navigate through this difficult period on a regular basis. The following are some things that those getting divorced may want to know.

Getting a Divorce in Indiana

In an ideal situation, it is hoped that the divorce can be handled amicably and without being uncontested. However, that is not always the case as sometimes the divorce gets bitter and embroiled in a fiery battle. The first thing that must be remembered is that the person filing for the divorce must be a resident of Indiana for at least six months, and at least three months in their given county before filing. The next thing is that there must be legal grounds established before a divorce can be started.

The Grounds for Getting a Divorce in Indiana

One of the reasons that a divorce can be granted is because of irretrievable differences in the marriage, which means the marriage has soured so badly that living together is impossible. Another reason a divorce can be granted is if one of the spouses has become impotent. A divorce can also be granted if one of the spouses ends up with a felony after they were married. Finally, a divorce can be granted if one spouse is insane, and has been so for the past two years.

Getting an Attorney’s Help

Yoder & Kraus P.C. are attorneys in the Auburn, Indiana area who have been providing legal solutions for clients for over five decades. In addition to helping with divorces, they also provide services for personal injury cases, drunk driving cases, and real estate. If an individual or couple is looking for advice from divorce attorneys in Auburn, Indiana, they can visit the attorney’s website at Website URL.