Using An Ice Cube Distributor in Suffolk County NY For Weddings

When a wedding venue hosts outdoor events, the need to keep beverages and food on ice will become necessary for safety reasons. Purchasing supplies from an ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY is an option. In addition, steps will need to be taken to keep these cubes from melting prematurely. Here are some tips to consider during outdoor events, so ice remains in a solid form for as long as possible.

Consider Purchasing Extra To Keep On Hand

It is a good idea to have a freezer full of ice cubes ready should they be needed. A plastic tub can be used to transport cubes from the freezer to the outdoors when necessary. When ordering cubes, ask the supplier about recommendations regarding the amount needed for the crowd expected. They will give the business a rundown on the pricing to help with the decision in how much to purchase.
Position Cooler Necessities In The Right Spot

It is important to keep a cooler full of ice out of direct sunlight so the cubes will last as long as possible. Using a pop-up canopy is a way to shade a portion of the event property so food and beverages will remain chilled throughout the event. A cooler of ice should have a secure lid and access to the enclosure should be limited, so cubes do not melt quickly.

Keep A Fan Near The Cooler

A fan can be positioned near a cooler of ice cubes to aid in keeping them cool. Make sure to check the temperature of the cooler regularly to determine if food and beverages are at risk for excessive heat exposure. When the temperature rises, adding more cubes will help to cool it down so items being prepared will remain in the best condition.

When there is a need to find an ice cube distributor in Suffolk County, NY, consider using one known for their superior customer service and competitive pricing. Take a look at a website like to find out more about the products they have available for purchase. An ice cube order can then be placed if desired.

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