Using An Auto Body Shop in Johnson County To Remove A Dent

When a vehicle sustains damage to one of its fenders in the form of a dent, it will be necessary to make the appropriate fix to get the body repaired properly. There are a few different ways a dent can be removed from a vehicle. Try some of these tips to get a vehicle fender back to its original

Try Changing The Temperature To Remove A Dent

A smaller dent may be able to be removed by adding extreme temperatures to the affected area. First, the dent should be covered with a piece of aluminum foil. A hair dryer can then be used to heat up the area for several minutes. When it is hot to the touch, a piece of dry ice can be rubbed over the foil-covered metal. A popping sound will be heard if this method works effectively.

Use A Plunging Tool To Pull A Dent Outward

In some instances, a dent can be pulled out with the use of a special tool that resembles a toilet plunger. This tool can be purchased from an auto supply store. The rubber flange is positioned over the dented portion of the fender. It is then pushed toward the vehicle to seal the metal tightly under the lip of the tool. The handle can then be pulled away from the vehicle in an attempt to pull the metal back to its original position.

See A Professional To Get The Vehicle Looking Like New

An Auto Body Shop in Johnson County will be able to evaluate the dent to determine the best way to have it repaired. The entire fender can be removed and replaced, or an auto bonding agent can be applied to the pushed in portion of the fender to give it stability. The auto body shop will also have the exact coloring of paint to cover any repair work done.

When there is a need to find a reliable Auto Body Shop in Johnson County, a call can be made to inquire about the experience if desired. Contact Warrensburg Collision today to make an appointment to get a fender repaired.