Using a Sewer Cleaning Service in Florida

If the drains in your home were only required to accept water all the time, there probably would be few problems and little need for ever hiring a sewer cleaning service. Florida residents, however, allow more than just water to go down their drains. Items such as dirt, grease, hair, etc. often go down as well as water and after time can cause significant clogs to develop a the sewer drain system. These challenges can be met effectively by a company that provides cleaning services for sewers.

Residential Services
It’s actually easy for drains to get clogged over a period of time. With the accumulation of soap, grease, and food within drain pipes, at some point clogging is going to occur. As well, sometimes the wrong things can be flushed down the toilet – items that do not disintegrate as toilet paper does – for instance, baby wipes, paper towels, and other items may contribute to slow draining or clogging. If you notice these symptoms, you may want to contact a sewer cleaning service in Pasadena, CA in order to have the problem resolved.

A town or city typically has a sewer line. The drains from houses lead to a main sewer line which eventually connects to the city’s sewer line. It is possible for roots underneath trees on your property to break through a sewer line inhibiting the flow of waste. If the main line is backed up, it can cause all the other drain lines to be backed up as well, which is not a good situation in terms of health risks and property damage, unless it is addressed immediately.

Video Inspection
Intrusive excavations are no longer required to locate a blockage in a sewer line. Now, with the use of video sewer inspection capabilities, a sewer cleaning service provider can locate the issue much faster and efficiently than in the past.

A sewer cleaning professional will use a small fiber-optic video camera attached to a snake sent through the line enabling a complete visual inspection to take place with the subsequent identification of a blockage as well as the condition of the pipes. Many times these inspections can be recorded for later review to determine the best solution to solve the sewer line problem.