Using a Pouch Machine to Grow Your Business

The specialty food industry is one of the fastest growing types of business in the United States. We love our gourmet foods and seek out our favorites at storefronts and online retailers.

As a purveyor of gourmet foods, you have more things to worry about than just the perfect recipe. Preparing and packaging your food in the quantity you need to meet demand in a way that is appealing and cost effective can be a challenge, especially as your business grows.

Turn to automated packaging solutions to help get your product packaged safely, accurately and quickly, so you can spend your time perfecting the next recipe.

One of the best products for small gourmet food companies is the pouch machine. In the past, packaging and bagging machines were designed primarily to work with plastic food containers and much larger bags. The pouch machine perfectly fills and seals small food pouches, like those used to hold small gourmet cookies and candies. Now your products can take advantage of all the convenience and efficiency of traditional bagging machines, specifically designed to work with your smaller packaging.

Configurable Machines that Grow With You

Pouch machines are configurable, and designed to work with multiple pouch sizes, up to one kilogram, and can fill eight pouches at once. In addition to filling and sealing your pouches, these machines come with a lot of optional features like printing production dates and closing packages with zipper openings.

When you automate your packaging process by using a pouch machine to fill your bags, you’ll save time and money. You can dramatically increase the number of orders you can process without increasing your staff. You can also cut food waste by ensuring that packages are never over filled. It’s a great way to increase efficiency without a lot of cost.

As your business grows further, your packaging machine can be integrated with other parts of an automated food line to allow you to speed up other processes seamlessly, making your process even faster.

You’ll need lots of help to grow your business to the size and profitability you desire. Making an investment in a pouch machine can be a smart step in moving your gourmet food business to greater efficiency and greater profitability. Talk to the experts at an automated packaging company and see what their machines can do for you and your growing company.

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