Using A Hardwood Flooring Service in Evanston To Repair A Scratched Surface

When someone has hardwood floors in their home, simple maintenance steps will need to be done to keep them looking their best. Failing to care for flooring properly could lead to unsightly scratches. This would necessitate hardwood flooring service in Evanston to refinish the floors to revitalize them. Here are some tips one can take to keep their hardwood floors looking like new.

Use Carpeting In High-Traffic Areas

It is important to take the time to place carpeted sections on top of hardwood floors to minimize the risk of scratching. If the home has a pet or small children, area rugs can be used in frequented areas to protect the hardwood from unnecessary damage. These rugs can be removed at any time, allowing visitors to view the wood if desired.

Avoid Using Brooms To Clean

Hardwood floors should be cleaned frequently to help keep debris from scratching across the surface as people walk through. Instead of using a broom, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to whisk away dirt and grime. This should be held slightly above the wood floor, so the attachment itself does not scratch the material as the cleaning process is done.

Give Flooring A Protective Barrier

To keep a floor looking shiny, a polishing agent can be applied. This can be wiped directly on the floor by hand. The polish will give the floor a great appearance and also fills in small cracks from view. This protective layer will make it more difficult for items to scratch the wood as well.

Be Careful When Moving Furniture

It is best to avoid pushing furniture across a wood floor. When doing so, the furniture should be lifted to relocate it to another area. Another idea is to put felt pieces on the bottoms of furniture legs to aid in the reduction of scratches.

When it becomes necessary to have a floor refinished, a hardwood service in Evanston will need to be contacted to do the job. Visit the website of a reliable service in the area today to find out the services they offer as well as pricing information.

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