Using a CO2 Fire Extinguisher for Electrical Fires

There are various types of fire extinguishers available to combat different types of conflagrations. The important thing for you and your employees is to understand what fire extinguisher works in a particular situation and how to use a fire extinguisher when a fire emergency occurs. Applying the wrong agent to a fire can cause that fire to either grow worse or at least continue to burn, which is not the intention of applying fire retardant to burning flames. In many types of business and office environments, it is important to have a CO2 fire extinguisher available. These fire extinguishers are used to put out electrical fires.

Operation of a CO2 Extinguisher
Carbon dioxide gases the agent utilized by CO2 extinguishers. This is a noncorrosive and nonconductive gas that suffocates the oxygen of fire requires two continue and grow. CO2 is contained within the fire extinguisher vessel and a liquid high-pressure state. Commercial businesses, buildings, and homes can benefit from the presence of these extinguishers. These extinguishers can also deal effectively with fires that have flammable liquids as ignition source.

Using a CO2 Extinguisher
Using a CO2 fire extinguisher to successfully deal with the fire requires the person using the extinguisher to follow proper procedures. It is necessary to first pull the safety pin. Then, direct the nozzle toward the base of the conflagration. Gently squeeze the lever to allow the CO2 gas to dispense toward the fire. Utilize a sweeping motion from side to side to attack the burning flames until they are quenched. Continue to do so until the fire is extinguished.

Maintaining Your Extinguisher
Proper maintenance and protection is essential for your CO2 fire extinguisher unit. It’s important to keep any fire extinguisher in a cabinet in order to protect it from incidental or accidental contact that could damage the unit and make it unusable during a fire emergency. As well, these extinguishers should be easily accessible to individuals within the building you know how to use these units.

Routine fire extinguisher inspections are required. This can include a yearly inspection from an inspector.

If any problems with fire extinguisher are detected, it is vital to have the unit inspected and evaluated as soon as possible.

An experienced fire equipment company help you learn more information about how to conform your business to proper fire safety protocol and regulations and also ensure your fire extinguishers are inspected and ready to be used in the event of a fire emergency.

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