Using a cake turntable – 3 helpful tips

So you have decided to make a cake but you are terrified of messing the whole thing up. This means that you are probably searching for any and every baking supply and tool that will help you with this project. The good news is that one of the main types of supplies you will need is very easy to use. A cake turntable can be used in almost all of your baking and will give a professional look to your cakes. Whether you bake occasionally or regularly, it helps to know how to make the perfect cake using a cake turntable.with these 3 helpful tips.

Tip #1 – Go in the same direction

If you plan on frosting on the cake turntable, it is best to do all of your frosting in one direction unless you are creating a unique design. By keeping all of the frosting going in one direction, you can enjoy a more uniform look to your cake. If a polished and professional look is what you are after, you can get all of that and more with the right cake turntable.

Tip #2 – Use the right tools

By investing in high quality tools, you can be sure that your cake decorating efforts will be successful. You can find the cake turntable as well as all of the cake supplies you need conveniently in one baking supply store.

Tip #3 – Remove the cake carefully from the cake turntable

Once you have done the icing and everything needing to be put on the cake is completed, the next step will be to remove the cake with the utmost care and attention to detail. You can remove the cake from the cake turntable by sliding a large cake spatula underneath and then transferring it to the cake board. Many people choose to ice on a cake board which seems to make this issue much more simplified.

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