Using a Bail Bonding Company in Norwalk, CT

When people are arrested and taken down to the police station to be booked, many of them do not have the cash on hand to pay the bail required. Rather than sit behind bars until they can see the judge or the date of the trial, they choose the option to seek out a bail bond agency. A bail bonding company in Norwalk, CT is available to help defendants when they find themselves in such a fix. Here are some things that should be known and understood about the bail bond process.

Understanding the Bail Bond Process

When a judge sets the bail amount for a defendant, the idea is to require a certain amount of money to be posted until the defendant appears in court. After all the court dates have been met, the defendant can get the money back, but the problem is, in many cases, the defendant cannot afford the full bail. For this reason, bail bond agencies will lend the defendant the amount of money needed minus whatever percentage is required by the defendant upfront. The administrative fee that has to be paid on this “loan” is merely an inconvenience to those who don’t want to spend the time behind bars, awaiting trial.

More about How Bail Bonds Work

In addition to the deposit that a defendant has to make, many bail bond agencies require the defendant to have some type of collateral for the amount of the bail. This ensures the agencies that their “loan” will not go into default should the defendant fail to appear for court. Bail bond agencies usually charge a premium fee, which could range from 1o percent to 20 percent of the bail.

A Bail Bond Agency in Connecticut

When looking for a bail bond agency, the defendant will naturally want to choose a quality company that has the least amount of premium attached. If a defendant is looking for a bail bonding company in Norwalk CT, visit us today.

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