Uses of Carbon in Various Industries

Carbon is an interesting chemical element. It is widely found throughout nature and the environment. It can bond with oxygen to make three different compounds. Carbon also has two allotropic forms that are well known, which are graphite and diamond. It has extremely high melting and boiling points and in addition, it is a good conductor of electricity. This makes it ideal for use in various industries, such as Ferroalloy and Silicon. Some of the specific uses of carbon include smelting and welding.


Smelting is the process of melting an ore to extract a particular metal from it. This process requires electric currents to separate the elements. Since carbon is a good conductor of electricity, carbon blocks can be used to extract the electrons during the smelting process.


When it comes to welding, carbon blocks are specially designed, compounded blocks that can be used for a various of purposes. The block shape can be used for creativity during the welding process. The blocks of compounded carbon can be used to guide the flow of molten metal and help mold it into a particular shape. They can also be used to restrict the molten metal and keep it from going to certain areas.

Carbon blocks are also superior when it comes to having a smooth finish. In the past, clay bricks have been used to support welders in their craft. But using a block of carbon has been found to keep edges smooth and the overall shape consistent. The blocks are available in various sizes depending on what it needs to be used for.

The various industries that use carbon appreciate its unique properties. The extremely high melting point as well as its conductivity of electrical currents make it ideal to work with at high temperatures and when separating elements. Smelting and welding are only two examples of when it is beneficial to use carbon blocks.

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