Uses of Aluminum in Cincinnati

If you look around you, you will notice that buildings, cars, home appliances, and electricity lines are made of metal. Aluminum is the second most used metal due to its unique features being resistant to corrosion, its light in weight, its a good conductor of heat, its a good conductor of electricity and it has low density. American Metal Supply Co produces all types of metal in large quantities which is top quality for their clients. Aluminum is one of the metals they produce and it has the following uses.


Due to its easy shaping and flexibility, aluminum is used in making drinking cans, foil food wrappings, food cans and bottle tops. Its resistance to corrosion is ideal for preserving food and drinks.

Wiring in electricity

Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and its used to transmit electricity in overhead cables. It has an advantage over other metals when it comes to electricity because of its lightweight, and is useful in transmitting electricity over long distances.

Kitchen appliances

Cooking utensils, cookers, pans and boilers are made of aluminum. This is because its a good conductor of heat, resists corrosion and allows heat to spread evenly. Flexibility of aluminum also allows room to design different shapes of cookware.

Transportation industry

Aluminum has low density and is light in weight. For these unique features it has been used in making airplanes, boats, cars and train cars Aluminum is durable and resists corrosion by combining with oxide to protect itself against elements that destroy metal becoming useful in transport due to its long lasting feature in machines.

Construction industry

Building and construction require metal to make windows, doors, grills, roofing and so on. Since it’s a long time investment, durable metals and less cost maintenance metals are the best. Aluminum is widely used in constructing due to its ability to resist corrosion, hence, no rusting, and the cost of maintenance is lower. Aluminum is also a strong metal due to its wide variety of alloys making it suitable material for constructing high-rise buildings.

Today, one cannot do without aluminum. Its unique features like durability, flexibility, strong and ability to resist corrosion make life easier, as well as contributing to a clean and safe environment, since its recyclable. When looking for the above qualities in a metal, Aluminum in Cincinnati would be ideal.

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