Uses for Your Outdoor Brick Oven

Most people who install an outdoor brick oven, do so with plans to use it for making pizzas. Of course, these ovens are perfect for that purpose, and it’s likely that once you’ve had a pizza cooked in an outdoor brick oven, you’ll never want any other kind.

However, there are lots of other great uses for your outdoor brick oven, too. In fact, during the hot summer months, you may want to use it for everything, so that you don’t have to heat up your indoor kitchen. Here are a few ways to use your outdoor oven beside making pizza.

Meats – Cooking meat is a breeze in a pizza oven. Because these ovens get extremely hot, it’s important to monitor oven temperature very closely. These ovens are used at 500-700°F for baking pizzas. You’ll need to let the oven cool down to around 400°F for meats. A good external oven thermometer is essential for these ovens. You can find laser thermometers that can read the temperature from several feet away.

Vegetables – You can cook veggies quickly, helping these retain more nutrients by using a high temperature oven. Vegetables roasted in an outdoor brick oven are delicious. Simply toss in a little olive oil and cook on a flat sheet pan.

Yogurt – Homemade yogurt requires several hours in a warm spot to process. After the fire is out in your oven, it will stay warm for several hours. This makes it the perfect spot to let the yogurt sit overnight. Follow the directions for making yogurt carefully, and be sure to monitor the oven temperature very closely.

As you use your pizza oven, you’re sure to see many more ways to use it to extend your kitchen to the outdoors. These ovens are a wonderful feature for any backyard and make entertaining easier and more enjoyable.

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