Use Allergy Charts from Allergy Services in Bethlehem PA as a Powerful Seasonal Guide

Any individual who has suffered from allergies should visit a specialist and get an allergy breakdown. A blood test will surface the particulars of what is bothering them, and it can be a distinctive tool to thwarting it in the future.

Allergies can be divided into about two main categories. These include food and airborne. These two categories are further subdivided into sections that break down the specifics of what the allergy means. Charting allergies offers a comprehensive look at what is inflicting a patient. Anyone who suffers allergies should receive the chart in detail, and break down what the numbers and the data points mean for their daily comfort.

The main way to review an allergy chart from Allergy Services in Bethlehem PA is numerical. There are four basic number categories, and some charts will include five. The basic breakdown is:

1. Mild allergies. This could include irritant on the skin or temporary allergy ailments at most
2. A mild skin rash, allergy symptoms lasting a few hours. Exposure is not advised
3. A red concern. The condition affecting the patient should be actively avoided
4. Proactive steps of avoidance must be taken. This category could dip into potential asthma
5. A life threat and a serious danger. Not only must steps be taken to avoid the condition, but friends and family should be notified of the allergy. Medication may be essential.

The above is an overall view of how an allergy chart will appear. Patients are rated based on their susceptibility to the allergen. The numbers are not the end-all and be-all of answers. For example, dog allergies may rate a four for a patient. But, the patient is especially vulnerable to salvia from dogs, which may actually not have such an immediate impact. Perhaps their allergies to dander are mild, but the results offer a more all-encompassing four rating. The allergies manifest in different ways, and this is one way how the number is just a basic review.

An allergy breakdown chart is a wonderful guide to use for taking a proactive direction towards allergies. Visit the Allergy Services in Bethlehem PA offices directly for a chart or learn more information at.

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