Use a Full-service Pharmacy for Your Custom Prescriptions in Lancaster, PA

When your condition can be treated with standard medication, any pharmacy will do. However, when you need a nonstandard dosage or a cream instead of a pill, a custom pharmacy is the only place you should attempt to fill your prescriptions.

Your doctor is your best resource in treating your medical condition. After evaluating your condition and doing tests to ensure the diagnosis is correct, your doctor may prescribe a medication to treat you. In many cases, the pharmacy has that medication and dosage on hand and can fill your prescription quickly. In other cases, though, you may need a different dosage or a different form of the medication than the dosages or forms that are sold to pharmacies. A full-service pharmacy can create your custom prescription based on your doctor’s orders.

Often, when a patient could benefit most from a dosage in between two commercially available dosages, a doctor will choose the lower dosage to avoid over-dosaging. The problem with this is that a lower than necessary dosage may not be effective in treating the condition it was prescribed to treat. Williams Apothecary can create custom presciptions in Lancaster PA for patients who need more of less of a medication that what commercial pharmacies offer.

Many hormone replacement therapy patients can benefit from personalized medication. To restore hormone levels by conventional methods often requires a lot of trial and error. While you are trying different ingredients and dosages, you will likely experience side effects. When your doctor coordinates your care with a pharmacist, you will find the proper dosage more quickly and minimize intolerable side effects.

Other conditions that may be more effectively treated with custom prescriptions include chronic diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Patients with chronic pain may also be good candidates for custom presciptions in Lancaster PA. If you have trouble taking your medication in its standard form, you may be able to get the same medication in a more tolerable form. Options include liquid, cream, oral drops and suppositories.

Adults and children who have trouble swallowing naturally tasting medication may be able to ingest it if it is artificially flavored by the pharmacist. When a pharmacist adds flavoring, it does not affect the potency of the medication.