Update Your Bedroom with Rattan Bedroom Furniture

Rattan is a weaving material similar to bamboo. On the surface, both look quite similar, but rattan stems are solid while the stems of bamboo are not. Since rattan material can be painted and stained in several different colors, its vibrancy can be enhanced. Rattan is also widely used in the making of baskets, plant containers and other accessories. Consider adding one or more of these design elements to complement your rattan bedroom furniture.

Inspired by Beauty
Update your room with a rattan armoire and dresser, and experiment with rattan window coverings including shades and blinds to keep the light out when it’s time to sleep. Unique rattan pillows coupled with a bamboo bed create a fun and relaxing look for a guest bedroom. Try switching out that traditional cradle for an antique style rattan cradle or a crib that will add a lovely touch to the nursery. Replacing a standard wooden desk chair with a fashionable rattan chair will add a decorative flair to your child’s room, and a hanging knotted rattan lamp above the desk completes the look. A rattan swing chair may soothe even the most disgruntled teenager. But both teens and young children alike will appreciate the distinctiveness of its design.

Different Themes Available
Variety is another great feature of rattan bedroom furniture. Depending on your personality, you might want to purchase a fiesta bedroom set, a unique rattan sleigh bed, or check out the Polynesian collection which boast of smooth and polished rattan. There are also island inspired vanities and benches to choose from with woven rattan side panels, and headboards and footboards constructed with natural rattan woven wicker. Many of the furniture pieces contain mahogany solids and veneers to create a beautiful and stunningly rich finish.

The Strength of Rattan
Rattan is so sturdy that it is actually used in the construction of home building projects in some foreign countries. This is a testament to its strength and longevity, and when sections of the material are cut and used as wood during the furniture making process, the end result is durable rattan bedroom furniture.

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