Unwavering Termite and Ant Extermination with Services from Accutech Pest Management

Household pests can be a nuisance to your comfort and safety in your humble abode. There is one pest that can’t be seen or heard, but has the potential to be extremely harmful to your home. Termites remain hidden because they live in the walls and ground soil under a building. They can do extensive damage to a home with the owner having no clue until it’s too late. Termites consume the wooden materials of a structure which can be a problem because it depreciates the market value of a home. If a home with termite damage is put on the market, an inspector will find the damage. It would have to be documented and potential buyers will see it.

Termites silently destroy homes, but there are measures you can take to ensure you don’t have an infestation. Accutech Pest Management have the skills and professional equipment to contain, exterminate and prevent termite invasions. You can get thorough termite inspections that won’t miss even the smallest population of the bugs. If your home passes the test, you can have your structure monitored to prevent invasions from starting. Termites can be found lurking around the soil of a building structure. If that happens, Accutech Pest Management can install baits that stop them from entering your home. Inspections to find underground colonies is a vital part of the inspection because it’s a common entry-point. If this part of the procedure is excluded, it can prove detrimental. Visit us to learn what times in the year termite prevention systems are most beneficial. Your service provider will find out what termite species is most likely present in the area so the right extermination recipe can be made.

Ant infestations can be a special annoyance because they seek to eat the same food you eat in your kitchen. When an invasion occurs, they usually come in large colonies that are hard to contain. Retail exterminating remedies aren’t always enough. Professional ant extermination is a permanent solution. Your exterminator first discovers the type of ants you have. This is important because different species have their own behaviours and require certain methods for eradication. Ingested poisons is the most effective method of extermination for ants because food is shared throughout the colony. Contact your local pest management service to schedule service.

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