Unique Ways to Use Wholesale Tortillas in New York City

Tortillas are the perfect base for a variety of Southwest dishes and a staple of Mexican cuisine but there are many other ways to utilize these versatile food products. Quality made tortillas add flavor and texture to any dish. Flour tortillas should be chewy and soft and thick enough to hold what is inside them without falling apart but not so thick they are difficult to eat or roll. Great quality is attainable even when the tortillas are not made on site. It is possible to get amazing flavor and texture from Wholesale Tortillas in New York City and here are some interesting ways to use them.

  • Use the tortilla as a wrap for any type of sandwich.
  • Brown in a pan and use as a base for a dessert. Try adding sweetened fruit, nuts and cream as a topper to the tortilla.
  • Create cups by lining the muffin tins with the tortillas and baking. Add a salad to the cup or a make it a dessert cup with ice cream or fruit.
  • Make stuffed french toast. Coat the tortillas in an egg and milk mixture and brown in a pan. Fill the center with yogurt, granola and fruit. Roll up and top with cinnamon and sugar.
  • Cut into triangles, brush with olive oil and bake until crisp. Top with sea salt and serve as chips. Flour tortillas will make acceptable chips but corn tortillas will add even more flavor.
  • Use the tortillas as the base to quick mini pizzas instead of dough. Customize with any toppings desired and bake for about 5 minutes.

Wholesale Tortillas in New York City are very affordable when purchased in bulk. This method will make it possible to experiment with a variety of new recipe ideas. They are a cost-effective way to create unique additions to add to any breakfast, lunch or dinner menu. They are even perfect for appetizers and desserts and will fit in with nearly any type of restaurant. Schedule an appointment to find out more about the quality, type and size of tortillas available locally as well as the other fresh and flavorful ingredients to order along with them.

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